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I'm wondering a bit about the ubiquitous EEO demographics card* (or webform these days) that comes at the end of the job application process. A pair of polls, one for current/recent job seekers, one for those on the hiring side of things. Feel free to elaborate in the comments.

For the job seekers..

For the employers..

*(For the uninitiated Equal Employment Opportunity forms usually include a series of demographic questions such as gender and race/ethnicity. Some universities include a bit more. At least one place I applied to asked about sexual orientation. The information filled out by the candidate is supposed to be kept seperate from the actual application, and is used to evaluate the nature of the candidate pool, not individual applicants)

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  • Anonymous says:

    Want to give your Provost a heart attack? Casually say, "Hey, I got this phone call from some government guy, and he said something about our school being due for a OFCCP audit." If the school doesn't have an on-going evaluation of EEO data from job applicants, checking affirmative action compliance, it is risking some hefty penalties along with loss of Federal grants.
    -signed, anonymous HR person

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