12 Months of Bashir

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The usual meme. The first line of the first post of each month the last year. This includes my old blog up until the October move here at Scientopia. (I may do some reposts of old stuff at some point)

January: A fair portion of scientists may find themselves the “only ones” in their family. Holiday gatherings can provide ample practice with you elevator speech..

February : Blacks in America do not have the luxury of your intellectual talents being wasted on astrophysics

March: Just last week I had a manuscript officially accepted (high fives)

April: Being a scientist is not a particularly positive experience.

May : I think I do a reasonable job of pursuing career development opportunities

June : Question: How long does it take to run an experiment?

July :[None]

August: I’ll have a real post one day, I swear.

Septembre : Way back in the early days of grant preparation I went on to NIH Reporter and printed out a list of the currently funded projects for the grant type.

October: If you’re still here I have up and joined Scientopia and will be posting there.

November these demands are entirely covert, completely unguessable, and totally ridiculous, if not impossible

December: Many of you science peeps are familiar with NIH and their constant worry over the careers of early investigators.

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