Science, Nature or Frontiers

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I am finalizing a gaggle of manuscripts right now. That also means finalizing decisions about where to submit the manuscripts. The day may come when we all self publish to The Journal of WordPress. But not this day. The question is which journal? Glamour magazine for maximum impact? A specialized journal? A "society" journal?

In a fit of procrastination the other postdocs and I developed this:


Every publishing option has some relative amount of benefit and hassle. Benefit being some combination of how shiny it looks on your CV and maybe open access considerations. Hassle being time in review, likelihood of reviewers demanding additional experiments, or complaining that the paper, though fine,  isn't "impactful" enough.

This lead to a lab person saying perhaps the most efficient strategy is that all manuscripts are either going to a Glamor Magazine, because a pub there would be worth the hassle. Or a quick turn around journal, because it will be not worse than one of the "regular" journals that take ~9 months to decide.

So basically, Science, Nature or Frontiers.

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  • Potnia Theron says:

    excellent graph. Now would you please populate it with the neuroscience journals relevant to my postdocs?

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