Bold moves to tackle some lingering problems

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NIH is bringing out the big guns to address the often discussed issue of the under representation of minorities in science. Which I'm sure is tough given the general grant crunch and sequester issue. You can read all about it here and here. If you don't care to wade into a thicket of admin-speak here are some highlights.

"six-month planning grants to enable under-resourced institutions to form partnerships and position themselves to prepare applications for the multi-year BUILD implementation funding opportunity, anticipated to be announced in 2014"

Basically grant to help you plan to apply for a grant. But what is BUILD exactly?

"This program aims to provide innovative training environments through the Building Infrastructure Leading to Diversity (BUILD) initiative, a strong national mentoring network through the National Research Mentoring Network (NRMN) initiative, and robust coordination to disseminate lessons learned from the most effective programs through the Coordination and Evaluation Center (CEC) initiative...."

"BUILD will allow the development and testing of novel models for underrepresented student recruitment and training within the biomedical sciences."

A mentoring network and some long term tests about what they might-could do about the issue. That's it. The due dates for this "planning to think about maybe considering at some future time doing some mentoring of minorities" grant has just past. The NIH diversity page just looks like this:


Makes sense.

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  • AmasianV says:

    that's a lot of white space

  • Hermitage says:

    Yup, my first thought after seeing Ginther et al. show racial bias despite publication record, prior research training, current research institution, NIH panel participation, prior research awards, etc etc was "Well golly gee willikers, we URMs must just be incompetent. *knee slap* We ought to find some knowledgeable folks to come 'fix' us pronto"

    At least run a grantsmithing bootcamp or some shit that would actually make sense. FFS.

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