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"Having a baby is a lot like having a dog that very slowly learns to talk"

Though it is not my area of research I get a lot of questions from new parents. How does the whole infant development thing work? What about language learning? Brain development? There are plenty of books directed at parents out there in the "using this amazing method! it works" style. Much of it skimps on, or misrepresents research, and leans towards evangelizing. Books by researches tend to be less prescriptive and more descriptive, though if you read between he lines they all have their own perspective. Here are a few written by researchers:

Roberta Golinkoff

Einstein Never Used Flashcards

How babies talk

Alison Gopnik

The philosophical baby

Joan Stiles

The fundamentals of brain development

Sara Hrdy

Mother Nature
(Not about infants per se but comes highly recommended)

These are all pretty basic how X works books. There's not too much "what to do when you toddler jumps behind to butcher shop counter and starts licking raw chicken" sort of advice. That's a post for another day.


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