Morality in Context

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Here's the picture:

 Black scientists less likely to get NIH grants.

Academic pipeline sheds minority scientists at every level. (17% -> 13% -> 7% -> 4%)

Resume's with "black sounding" names perform worse (even with same skills/experience)

Prestige Game in Academic Hiring (hint: still a thing)

Excel Graphs to Fuel Your Essitential Crisis (i.e. more prestige games)

Morality of Open Access & Diversity in Science. (and another Dr. Isis post).


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  • Yep.

    Ethics shouldn't be a suicide pact. The duties within the community fall more heavily on those with more power, much much lighter on those whose power is small enough that they're at risk of losing their grip on community membership.

    In other words, BSDs who want an Open Access world (to take one example) have the responsibility to create the conditions where OA publishing is tenable for everyone. In the meantime, they have no business scolding their colleagues on the margins for doing what's required to survive.

  • LM says:

    +1 for context to the argument. People do what they can. The graphs on the "pipeline" link kind of bother me, though - they only use ethnicity information for US citizens / permanent residents, so the pipeline effect is exaggerated as we go from undergraduate degrees (like 97% citizens/permanent residents) to graduate degrees (only 70% citizens/PR). Not, I suppose, that there are probably a huge number of black scientists who are only temporary US residents, but still.

    • bashir says:

      That is always the question with some of this data. What is the denominator? Americans? Researchers in America? etc. At one point I just checked the "top 30" departments in my field and got similar numbers for faculty, about 4%. I had a better write up on the stats but my computer is in the shop and I couldn't find the backup 🙁 Maybe next week.

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