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Below is a one of those "scientists' stories" videos by the American Chemical Society. They have a bunch more up which I recommend (here). I'm struck by the detail in her "how I got into science" story about her high school history teacher directly telling her 1) that she was going to be a scientist, and 2) how to get started. It seems remarkable that a student could show both an interest in and aptitude for science, for a while, but need to be told directly: "You could be a scientist."  I have heard many stories like this from people who end up in science careers. Often around high school or college, some mentor-type person will say "You seem interested in this science stuff. You know you could be a scientist, right? Here's how to get started.".

You too could have a significant effect on a future-scientist by saying something that simple. See, mentoring is easy!

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  • drugmonkey says:

    First semester of college a professor penned "Come see me about majoring in -ology" on my final exam. Next semester he side-eyed me for signing up for his next class and grumped "...this is usually for 3rd and 4th year majors on the first lecture day".

    It was all inevitable from there.... 🙂

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