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Year 1 update

Oct 31 2014 Published by under Uncategorized

An update from year 1 in a tenure track position.


Everything they say is true. Take that as a re-recommendation to read the various blogs of junior professors if you ever find yourself staring down the barrel of a vaguely worded offer letter. Nearly all of the prophecies have been fulfilled.

-Felt like I was being pushy during negotiation. Hmm, in retrospect probably not quite pushy enough.

-Faculty meetings are both awful and hilarious. Sometimes at once. Lean towards keeping your mouth shut.

-All of those "of course you can do/have access to that! It will be fun and easy!" things from the interview turn into "umm, gee that'll probably involve a lot of forms and money. I dunno who you give either to."

-It's going to be paper work and setting things up for a while. If you have old data to write up that helps with feeling that you're still a scientist.

-The situation regarding your department's space & money can change very quickly. Provost-level sh*t can intervene at any moment. Plan for rainy days if you can.

-Basically everything that was promised, implicitly or otherwise, might happen. You just have to fill out 1000 forms and wrangle several dozen cats for each. Hopefully you can do all that before you go up for tenure.



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