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Grants, fellowships or whatever seem to fit into three categories.

I could totally get that. Maybe it's a small award. Maybe it's right in your particular area of research. Maybe it's internal money and there's not too too much competition. Not a slam dunk, but...

At least worth a shot. Most things fit here. The big government grants. Maybe NSF, maybe NIH. Marshall some pilot data and start firing some specific aims.

Maybe once I ascend to Valhalla. Often very broad calls. Maybe also limited submission (1 applicant per university). Asking for trans-formative innovating. First question of application might be to list the *other* grants you have (seen it twice). We only give money to scientist who are so innovative they no longer require currency. I don't know if these are even worth the time.

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  • Newbie PI says:

    Somebody should do a post on how the Valhalla grants should be written. I just got a university nomination to apply for one of these grants, but figuring out how to turn my R01-type ideas with specific experiments on specific molecules into a transformative proposal is not so easy. It's really a completely different way of thinking, yet coming up with completely new ideas won't really work either because it also needs to be somewhat feasible.

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