A day of PI year 2

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6:45am. Wake up.

6:45-8:15. Chaos in the form of two small children. Coffee helps.

9AM: Arrive on campus. Grab coffee because I left my mug at home.

9-11: Prime time. Time least likely to have a meeting or talk scheduled. I put whatever is most important and involved into this slot if I can. This semester it's coding. Sometimes it's writing.


11-12:15: Teaching. Getting chalk on my shirt.

12:15 - 1:30. Lunch meeting and/or seminar talk.

1:45 meetings up: Meet with senior PI in other dept about possible collaboration.

2:30 meetings down: Meet with graduate student. Try to figure out if I am managing her well or not. Talk about how data collection is going. Try to remember which decisions I need to make.

3:15. Browse vendor website. Freak out about budget. Am I spending too fast or too slow? Order more stuff for lab.

3:30- 4:30. Work on application for some Young Investigator award.

4:45 Hallway gossip with other junior faculty.

5:05 Set code to run over night.

5: 07 Receive rejection email for some other Young Investigator Award.

5:15. End of day.  go pick up one of the kids.

5:45 - bed(??) Cook dinner, play with kids. put them to bed, etc.

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